Aerial view of corn harvest
image of grain storage
View of the area near the factory
image of Inside factory



To manufacture this new feed line – IDEAL FEED – we developed an avant-garde formulation, adapted to the new market needs and undertaken by a technical team of veterinarians, equine nutrition experts and where only the highest quality, derivative free raw materials were used.

It should be noted that some of the raw materials used are grown on our own farms and the rest are purchased from pre- selected local suppliers, thereby ensuring the contribution to the sustainability of Zero KM products and reducing the carbon footprint.

Prior to the manufacturing process, all raw materials used are subject to a thorough cleaning, using a grain sieve cleaning and grit suction system, in order to avoid physical contamination. Likewise paying particular attention to possible biological contamination of fodder and cereals with strict regulations in order to eliminate any harmful substance which may affect the health of the horse, in particular mycotoxins.

Following the cleaning process, the cereals are processed into flakes in any one of our factories via a thermo-manufacturing system, which consists of steaming the inbound product and subsequently drying and cooling the product.

The processing of cereals into flakes offers the following benefits:

  • Increased food digestibility
  • Stimulates intestinal transit.
  • Improved sanitary quality of the feed ration, eliminating the presence of toxins, bacteria and fungi.
  • Increased ration acceptability (palatability).
  • Anti-nutritional factors which may be present are eliminated,
  • The risk of colic is significantly reduced.

The next step following processing of the cereal flakes is the manufacture of the pellet. This is elaborated at cold temperatures and without steam in order to preserve all the qualities of the fodder, vitamins and other feed ingredients. The end result is a very appetising and highly digestible feed.

Unlike most horse feeds, our pellet contains no derivatives, nor is molasses used to disguise the powder and maintain the product’s palatability.

We do away with marketing and advertising, bag design and added costs in order to offer the best quality at the lowest price.

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