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At Altube, we are farmers and livestock breeders from the outset; from our sustainable farmland to our livestock farms, ensuring the welfare of our animals and looking after their health and for a natural feed with all the professionalism of over 20 years’ experience at the forefront of animal feed production.

The health crisis has demonstrated the importance of re-establishing the balance between human activity and nature. For this reason, and aware of the current situation of the market and that of the planet, we are committed to the manufacture of healthy food, free from derivatives and pesticides, which are environmentally-friendly and with scarce impact on climate change.

A significant part of the raw materials come from our farms: Cereals and fodder are produced for feeding our animals and feed preparation, without the use of fertilisers or any other substance which may disrupt the balance of our ecosystem. Another part of these raw materials is purchased from local suppliers, reducing travel and thereby ensuring the contribution to the sustainability of Zero KM products.

Following the refurbishment of one of our factories, we have launched onto the market  a new product line of feeds for horses in the form of pellets. This way horses are kept from being able to select the ingredients as is the case with multiparticle feed by eating  only the flakes and setting aside the pellets.

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